Sunday 3 March 2013

Emergency Ward 10


Emergency Ward 10

So, who's up for turning an old ambulance into a mobile studio? There are still plenty of casualties out there. Anyone up for a crash course in recording?

"Ring 999 right away if you're dying to do an overdub". I could see that. 

"Is there a producer in the house?" 

"Yes, but he's hiding in a cupboard, can't stand the sight of blood". 

We might be the first to have an engineer on a drip. I've worked with one or two who could use one.

This may sound frivolous, but I did have an artist who bought an old prison van, put a bed, his instruments and recording gear into it and took off for China. Last I heard he was touring around doing impromptu gigs - and making a living, which is no small feat for an artist anymore. Full marks for ingenuity, commitment, and bars on the windows.

It's all got a bit comfortable for musicians, hasn't it? Gear is cheap, recording is cheap, you can put out your own records for much on a plate, and I wonder if there is as much fire and ambition as there was? We're all a bit more affluent than we used to be, and perhaps it's not as pressing to use music as your escape route...or maybe it just isn't as inspiring or important as it was?  No, I don't believe that. There are just more people having a go because it's easy, and the really gifted, committed ones are hidden somewhere in a morass of mediocrity. 

So, fellow recordists, you have to seek them out! 

(cue Scarlet Pimpernel mode, analogy of guillotine vs editing tape with a BiB splicer...oh, it's Friday, I'm off!)

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